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Hire Totally INSPIRED Media to create compelling audio & video invitations and reminders:

Through our affiliation with Visiting Media, we can create stunning 720 degree tours. Check out St. Paul's CatherdralThe Old Church, and the First  Unitarian Church of Portland, Oregon. Invite us to showcase your place of ministry by calling Todd Gessele (503) 348-8652. 

Invite People using Social Media

Totally INSPIRED Media INC quickly gets your message in front of smart phone and tablet users. Our interactive online ads, mobile landing pages, and custom sales funnels fill seats at your events, create fans and followers using text back messaging, video invitations and SMS reminders.

For less than the cost of a postage stamp per web impression, we can target specific demographics by geographic areas across a number of social media networks with invitations and display ads.



  10K for $  950  with ticketing & up to 4 text message reminders

  25K for $1,800 with ticketing & up to 4 text message reminders

  50K for $2,700 with ticketing & up to 4 text message reminders

100K for $4,850 with ticketing & up to 4 text message reminders

200K for $6,610 with ticketing & up to 4 text message reminders

500K for $12,605 with ticketing & up to 4 text message reminders

1 Million $22,300 with ticketing & up to 4 text message reminder

Plus $475 Design

We serve international markets. Rates vary by country. Ask for a quote. 

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*Apps change daily and our prices must be confirmed and are not guaranteed, but a guide.

We buy online ads for you across the AdSense Social Media network and Facebook, so your members and the public can help share and promote your event. A targeted social media buy extends your group's personal relationships and magnifies its influence. 

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Let's "Get Acquainted" Online
Would you enter a church building where you didn't know anyone? 

Probably not. If I was shopping for a church online and encountered clips like these... I certainly would be more likely to walk up the sidewalk and enter the church!

See what the Albuquerque Heights Church in New Mexico has produced in an attempt to connect with individuals virtually, who just might be shopping for a church family or outreach opportunity. Ask Totally INSPIRED Media to make your church some "Get Acquainted" clips.

Ideas for Church Leaders